Council to decide whether to take government to court over its illegal newsletter tomorrow

Alice Richardson, Waltham Forest

A council will decide whether or not to take the Government to court over its illegal newsletter tomorrow.
At a cabinet meeting on Tuesday June 5 from 2pm onwards, Waltham Forest Council will decide whether or not to try and take the Secretary of State for Local Government to judicial review.

In April this year, the Secretary of State issued Waltham Forest Council with a directive, instructing it to cease publishing its newsletter, Waltham Forest News, twice a month.

The Government has issued multiple orders to the same effect in recent years, but the council has continued to ignore them.

According to the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014, councils are legally only allowed to publish a newsletter four times a year.

Waltham Forest Council has been publishing Waltham Forest News twice a month, or 24 copies a year, illegally for more than seven years.

In 2017/18, cost of publishing and distributing the Waltham Forest News cost the Waltham Forest tax payer £370,300.

Tomorrow, the cabinet will vote on whether or not to apply for a judicial review hearing to fight the government’s directive, which the council claims is “unlawful,” at further cost to the tax payer.

A full report of the council’s cabinet decision will follow the meeting tomorrow.
uploaded: Mon, Jun 4 2018
modified: Tue, Dec 30 1969